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June 25

When do you guys think "tradition" hinders your Jiu-Jitsu experience?


New YouTube video 

"I asked ChatGPT how to become a BJJ Champion"

Watch Here

I get some decent answers, and dumb ones.  I also explain how some of this tech works and why it's going to get better.

Let me know what you think of this type of content, and what features you'd like to see with the Digitsu Chatbot! :) 

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Check Out My New YouTube Channel! 📺

I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

Here's a link to my latest video, "Science Behind the Roll: Roger Gracie vs Jacare 2004 [Armbar Analysis]." In this video, I analyze this famous match and discuss the mechanics of the armbar.

Watch Now 

Some of the topics of the channel include how technology will change BJJ training, the scientific approach to jiu-jitsu, and how to take ownership of your development in BJJ.

I’ll be posting different types of videos, eventually ones more related to upcoming Digitsu features and content as well.

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November 27, 2023

This past weekend we had filmed a new course on the K Guard with Jon Calestine.

Thank you all for our feedback and help with this 🙏

We are super excited about this course.  It takes off where Jon’s “Lord of the Guards” guard retention left off.  Offering counter attack sequences from guard retention positions.

It will also go over all aspects of the k guard position, including entries, attack sequences, k guard defenses, and rolling commentary.

Look out for its release in the coming months!

May 11

I've been playing a lot of de la riva guard lately and now my knee isn't feeling the best. Does anyone have any suggestions on adjustments I can make to help preserve my knee?

April 27
• Edited (Apr 27, 2024)

Which instructional have you found most helpful here?

October 22, 2023
Leg Lock Defense Overview - Defense/Escapes/Prevention
34 %
Leg Lock Offense Overview - Control/Finishes/Common Entries
25 %
K Guard - Entries, Attacks, Finishing, plus defense and counters
52 %
How to survive Brooklyn traffic everyday to teach class
16 %
64 votes
July 09, 2023
• Edited (Jul 19, 2023)

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